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Veritec, the technology company
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Veritec offers a complete line of secure verification and financial products.

Launch in 1982 with the best-in-class 2D barcode technology, Veritec is now an established corporation with three main branches. Thanks to our proprietary ecosystem of products, we make sure that each of our clients gets a solution custom-built for them.

While security is at the core of our business philosophy, with a touch of creative innovation, Veritec has been able to solve some of the most challenging, high-risk identification and payment situations. From building NASA space shuttles and the U.S. Airforce crafts, to processing payments for high-risk merchants, Veritec is the company you can trust to solve your problems and deliver results.

Veritec Product Ecosystem

Discover What’s in Our Repertoire

Customizable 2D Barcodes

Combine important cards and documents – without sacrificing security, by encoding data in 2D codes that can only be generated, scanned (online AND offline), updated, and deleted by the right persons defined by you.

Centralized Digital Wallets

Connect all your bank, debit, credit, membership, and ID cards in a versatile digital wallet. Deposit funds from your banks or cards, instant-transfer money to other wallets, and earn rewards while spending. Customizable accounts for businesses.

Cost-effective & Secure Payment Gateway

A convenient and safe way for merchants and businesses to accept electronic payments, with automated billing and invoicing services, all at a competitive pricing.


The True Barcode for Identification

Despite paving the way for the public-domain QR Code and Data Matrix, VeriCode® is still more more capable, flexible, and secure. The VeriCode® can hold more data in a smaller space, can be directly marked on most materials, can be scanned offline, and can be tied to your organization alone. With these unique features, VeriCode® entails some awesome applications that will transform various processes at your organization – whether it’s a bank, school, business, government, or other industries.



A Wallet that Connects & Satisfies

With the mission to replace your physical wallet, blinxPay™ is the wallet of tomorrow. We work hard to let you not only load funds, withdraw balance, and transfer money within the network, but also earn rewards from spending. What’s more, we can tailor your account depending on your organization’s specific use cases.



The 3S’s Online Payment System

(Secure, Seamless, Simple)

A 3S’s payment gateway is crucial for your operations. With Tangible, you have a 3S gateway geared towards ISOs and ISVs that is personalized, and delivered at a competitive pricing that could match or exceed your current provider’s rates. Payments can be made by ACH or debit/card credit in real time. We also offer automated billing and invoicing services for businesses.


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